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Natural Shell Necklaces

All the necklaces are handmade and feature silvertone open-claw clasps.  All the designs are one of a kind, not reproduced pieces made of all natural materials.  Earrings are included and feature silvertone hooks.

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Coffee Bean Necklace

This one's made with faux split coffee seed beads. The one on the left has wood disc spacers and the one on the right has white calcite chips.  A really good gift for a guy, or a gal who likes her necklaces chunky. This necklace features no earrings. $8.00

Coco Necklace with Starfish Shell Pendant


The same as the coco-shell leaf pendant combination, but with a beautiful carved star in the center.  Silver tone clasp. 


Coco Necklace with Leaf Shell Pendant

A single bright colored coconut bead strand holds in its center a large carved shell leaf.  Silvertone clasp. 

"Become what your guidance counselor said you couldn't be. Strive every day to prove your parents wrong>" -Angela, San Juan, PR, 2004