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Would You Like to Know More?

Here's some additional background on my bead studio and as to where this whole idea got started, enjoy!

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How all this got started....

June 21, 1979: I am born.  Nah, just kidding.

I started beading per se about 4 years ago, although I had beaded a lot as a kid (my mom used to buy me lots of cutey necklace kits at KB toys).  A girl who was starting up an accessory store asked me for some necklaces, and from the first one out, I was hooked.  The combinations, the colors, the endless possibilities.....and I haven't stopped since.  I love trying out different textures, combinations, color schemes and styles.  Although I have been beading with natural materials like seeds, nuts, shells and the like, I still enjoy crystal and plastic beads sometimes.  You could say I'll be doing this for life, or at least until my eyes give out, and even then I think I'll get a seeing eye monkey to help me out with the beading.  So, enjoy my creations, and please, if you have any ideas for a type of necklace you would like, feel free to send them my way and I'll do my best to make you something unique, beautiful and just for you.  Thanks again and enjoy!

Where do I sell?

Well, I sell my stuff mostly at craft fairs in San Juan on the first Tuesdays of the month, for it's free to set up a table and the plaza's usually full of Starving, but very gifted, artists like myself.  I also sell to some customers I have kept throughout the years and to friends.  Oh, and this website.  :)  I hope to one day have a store of my own, but for now, this is just fine!

If you have any questions about my wares, or are interested in selling my stuff in your store, please feel free to email me. 

What about my personal info., is it safe?

Of course it's safe! Believe me, I know about spam and it's horrible side effects.  All your info will be carefully safeguarded and never shared with anyone.  The only mail you will ever get are updates and sales, and that's only if on your first order you ask to be included on the mailing list.  So, rest assured, all your personal info will be safe with me.  :)

The Artist Herself


"Arenatura: Where the elements become one unique creation. "  -Angela,San Juan, PR, 2002

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